Why buy from us?

Why buy from us?

After a visit to our storage, the home inventory is replenished.

All items are back in stock and we are ready to ship the new orders.

You are wondering why buy from us?
Here is a list with some of the advantages you will get:

 Premium quality is guaranteed (all our natural products are handmade with care in small batches by 2 family businesses in Transylvania, Romania)
 Clean, free of pollution ingredients (only organically grown medicinal herbs and wild fruits are used in our herbal teas/tisanes and fruit jams)
 Healthy, all natural products (no pesticides, artificial flavoring or preservatives are ever used in our products)
 Memorable taste experiences (the simple and traditional recipes like 100 years ago help preserve an unbelivable natural flavor, smell and taste)
 Safe shopping experience (multiple secure payment methods are offered via our online store)
 Taxes included (taxes are already included in the price, except shipping costs)
 Fast delivery (we offer same day shipping and reduced delivery times)
 Free shipping (It is always better to buy more at a time and save more. Therefore, shipping is free for orders over $60 CAD for Canada and over $100 CAD for United States
 World class customer service (no waiting times and call priority queues to get in touch with us - we use direct communication with our customers to discuss and accommodate their needs)
 Warranty and returns (100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee if you don't like our products ... which is impossible, really 😀)

Still not convinced? Order NOW and prepare to be amazed by the most delicious products you have ever tried!
Healthy organic herbal teas | Wild fruit jams 

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